Writer Submissions

We WELCOME with open arms, submissions from our members.

Our only criteria is that the article be interesting to our readers, and readable. In particular, we seek articles of two varieties. If you are an expert in a particular area, please write an article for us, and include your credentials and bio. As well, you may wish to make reference to any research or statistics relied upon. Alternatively, if your article pertains to your personal experience, for example, you are writing an article about your personal process of separation for Real Women Share your Stories, we encourage you to provide either your name or a “handle”.

Articles should be between 700 – 2,000 words. If necessary for publication in our website, we will do minor editing (grammatical and typographical errors).

Send us your proposed publication in the body of an e-mail, in our Contact Us form, at WDS.

Thank you for your involvement!