Quick Divorce – Guide to staying sane

Quick Divorce Canada

Surprisingly enough, the process of getting a divorce does not have to take months and years. If your spouse does not contest the articles of the divorce, you can complete the proceedings in as little as twenty-four hours. Of course, you may need to travel or make some additional arrangements in order to take advantage of these options.

Quick Divorces in the United States

Unfortunately, getting a quick divorce in the United States is not as simple as getting one overseas. In the US, the guidelines for obtaining a divorce differ from state to state. Even though you may be able to get a divorce without proving your spouse did something wrong or immoral, you may still have to be separated for a certain amount of time before the divorce can be finalized. Typically, this time period is one to two years. If your spouse contests the divorce terms or there are disagreements about how to divide financial assets, the time period can be much longer.

Online Divorces Forms

The legal fees associated with a divorce can be huge – and out of reach for many people. Fortunately, you can draft the forms to file for a divorce online. There are many websites available to help you fill out the necessary forms in order to file in your province. All you’ll need to do is print them out and file them in the appropriate family court. That said, if you suspect your spouse will contest the divorce, it’s best to have a lawyer to protect your interests – divorce templates found online may not offer you the specific provisions you want. For a Divorce in Canada see what the Naked Divorce Filer has to offer.

If you opt to file for a divorce using internet-based form paperwork, you’ll still need to meet the guidelines for your province. These may include having reasonable grounds for a divorce or going through the mandatory waiting period. While this form of divorce may be easier to file for, it can be just as time consuming as going through a lawyer.

Getting Divorced Overseas

Every country has different guidelines for getting a divorce, and – in some cases – you can get a divorce faster overseas. However, before embarking your trans-Atlantic adventure, you’ll need to make sure that the state you’re living in recognizes the legality of your divorce.

For example, in the Dominican Republic, all you’ll need to do is agree that you and your spouse are not compatible – there’s no need to prove that one partner committed adultery or any type of fraud. As long as one spouse goes to court, the other can simply be represented by a lawyer. Typically, if you elect to go to the Dominican Republic, your divorce will be finalized within twenty-four hours. In many cases, these divorces are recognized as legal in the United States.

Statistically speaking, almost 50% of new marriages will end in divorce. While this unfortunate trend has an enormous impact on families, it’s important to realize that some people simply aren’t meant to be together. In some cases, you and your spouse may agree that it’s best to end the marriage as quickly as possible. If you don’t want to go through an extensive waiting period or if you can’t shell out thousands of dollars involved in legal fees, consider some of these options for a cheap and easy divorce.

How to Stay Sane During a Stressful Divorce

If you are undergoing a completely amicable separation and divorce, where there are no children involved, and there is complete agreement on both sides respecting the division of assets, you may find your divorce relatively stress-free. However, where there are disputes regarding child custody or support, spousal support and/or the division of assets, separation and divorce are likely to be very stressful events. In addition to the stress regarding the resolution of the above issues, there may also be stress manifested from other factors which may come into play: your extended family may be conflicted over the situation, your own friends may feel uncomfortable with you in familiar social settings, your financial situation may become unstable and so on.

If you have a stable, long-term position with extended benefits, you may be able to take a paid stress-leave. For those women that cannot take a break from their usual responsibilities for work, child-rearing and more, there are nonetheless certain steps that can be undertaken to help lower your level of stress, so that you can keep your sanity during a difficult separation and divorce.

  • Set the intention to take a short “time out” each day to sit quietly, and during this quiet time, inform your mind that you are the master of your own destiny, (even if you don’t quite believe it). Envision your future in the manner that you desire.
  • Spending time worrying about undesirable outcomes is understandable, but it is a futile exercise. When you start to roll over negative thoughts in your head, recognize that the worry is hurting you, and it’s not helping to resolve any problems.
  • If you are concerned about specific issues, jot them down into a “worry journal” and concentrate on releasing the thoughts until you can discuss them with an appropriate professional, or a competent and trustworthy friend.
  • Find something that makes you happy, whether it is a favorite song, or a picture (the “mood-shifter”). When you start to feel sad thoughts creeping into your consciousness, make a concerted effort to shift your mood by thinking of the mood shifter.
  • If you find yourself getting angry over your situation, use this emotion in a positive fashion. Anger can be used constructively, to give a person the motivation and initiative necessary to accomplish incredible tasks. Conversely, if allowed to expand without constraint, anger can destroy a person. Keep your negative emotions harnessed, but realize that they can be powerful tools for helping you to overcome incredible odds.
  • To re-gain a sense of control in your life, start setting a daily goal which is small, simple and easy to attain. Accomplishing this goal will give you a sense of pride, and as you slowly increase the size and complexity of your goal, you will re-gain your sense of control over your life that is otherwise being robbed by the uncertainty of your situation.
  • Become educated on the legal process of separation and divorce, in your locale. If consultations with your family lawyer are cost-prohibitive, ask the family law division of the Court in your locale, for free, easy-to-understand, and informational resources, for this purpose.
  • Accept the fact that, at times, your stress may be difficult to manage, and you may become emotional, however, also remember that the passage of time will make the situation better.
  • Connect with other persons who are undergoing similar experiences.

If your personal situation is making your work or personal life impossible to manage or is seriously interfering with your ability to work, or care for your family, please consult a specialist.

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