Review Your Diet

You can’t talk care of your children unless you are able to take care of yourself. Even if you have no dependents, you need to put your health as your first priority, to deal with the increased stress that “comes with the territory”. It’s important that you eat well!

You know the basic rules… eat lots of veggies and fruit. Drink lots of water.

See below for more tips on maintaining a mindful, healthy diet:

  • Shop the perimeter of the grocery store, and spend as much time as possible in the produce, dairy and grain sections of the store. Try to plan your grocery shopping such that you have a tasty! Vegetable dish with every lunch and dinner.
  • Start the day with grains and fresh fruits, as much as possible.
  • If you find yourself fading shortly after you get to work, try adding protein to your breakfast, for example, an egg, or cottage cheese.
  • Drink at least seven glasses of water every day (this is repetitive, but it’s so important that it’s worthy of repeating). Try making the water tastier and esthetically pleasing by adding a slice of lemon or orange, or mixing in fruit juice.
  • Pack a lunch to work. It takes more time, but you’ll save money and you’ll probably eat more healthfully.
  • At regular intervals, try a new vegetable or fruit. Shop at ethnic grocery stores to discover new flavors, and new ways to combine ingredients.
  • Eat fish! Try canned tuna, or baked salmon.
  • Dig out the slow cooker, and use it!
  • Before you eat your food, take a moment to give thanks to the Universal Creator, or to yourself (or both!) for the nourishment that is provided to you.

Take a few minutes after your meal to enjoy a hot drink. This will help to satiate you. Also, if you are wanting weight loss, you may incorporate a habit of drinking green tea at the end of your supper – some studies suggest green tea speeds up the metabolism.

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