The Art Of Flirting

It may take a while to get back into the game, but once you do – here are some fun tips:

  • Try to make eye contact…it’s hard, but well worth the effort, especially when you’re wearing 3 coats of mascara!
  • Every now and then, touch the other person; on the arm or shoulder…this signifies that you like them!
  • When you do make eye contact, you can look away and then look back!
  • When going out, show a bit of skin…it doesn’t have to be overtly sexy, perhaps an over the shoulder top, or some midriff, but not a la Britney Spears!! Remember – no miniskirts over 35!!
  • Guys like to talk suggestively….nothing too crazy, but a little sauciness never hurt anyone!
  • If you’re shy about going out, go out with a friend or sibling for a few times first – that way, you’ll always know who you’ll be going home with!
  • All in all, have fun! Remember…if you never try flirting…you’ll never know how much fun it can be!

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