How to Make Bedroom Eyes

One of my new year’s resolutions is to always try to put some makeup on before heading out of the house, be it mascara, lip-gloss or a swipe of eye shadow! Another resolution was to learn the art of applying false eyelashes…so beauty neophytes….I have the answer!! (Well, MAC had the answer, but I learned them, so here they are for free!!)

  • Always apply your eye makeup first, then put on your under eye concealer and foundation. I always used to get eye shadow sprinkling under my eyes that would then blend to give me dark shadows…the above tip will help to eliminate this problem.
  • Use an eye base for your eye shadow…it will keep it fresh all day long.
  • I like to use three shadows; one for the eyelid, one for the shadow in the crease and a highlight colour for the brow…opens up the eye!
  • Beauty Secret….get a white pencil and pencil in the corners of your eyes…it’ll make the whites whiter! You can also pencil the white on the inside bottom lids too.
  • Before applying your false eyelashes, use a liquid liner to make a thin line on your eyelids, close to your lashes; this will help to make your natural lashes and the falsies appear seamless. Now, curl your lashes with a lash curler and apply your mascara.
  • There are lots of different kinds of lashes…some are “drag queenish” while others will give you bedroom eyes…you decide! (You may have to trim them a tiny bit to have them fit your eyelid. Always trim the side that sits closest to the inside of your eye). I bought MAC #7 and I did not have to trim them!!
  • Get your right lash ready (generally, the right lash is the top one and the left is below, but the falsies will be marked). Squeeze the eyelash glue slowly (globs may come out…again, take it slow!) and run a thin line along the tops of the lashes where they will adhere to your lid.
  • Blow on the glue for about 30 seconds to make it tacky before you apply the lash. A mistake I made was not waiting, then the lashes won’t adhere well and you’ll end up looking like Britney Spears during her Matt Lauer interview, only you aren’t crying and snapping gum at the same time!
  • Slowly apply the lashes, close to your own and hold them in place gently while the glue adheres. You can press your own lashes together with the false ones and voila – you look gorgeous!!
  • Practice takes perfect….keep at it! Now you’re probably wondering…how do I get them off? Are they permanent? Will they end up as moustaches if I sleep with them?!!
  • Gently grasp the outside edge of the fake lash and pull gently…it will gently pull away from your eyelid. Put them back in the case and you probably will get about 5 wears until they will look a little ratty and you will have to buy new ones. They aren’t too expensive – I paid $11.00 (U.S.) for a pair, but what is a pair of bedroom eyes worth…hmmm?!!
  • Don’t forget to flutter your eyelashes…see my “The Art of Flirting” article! Enjoy!

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