Finding Mr. Perfect

Is he the one? Will someone better come along? Am I wasting my time? If you’ve asked yourselves these questions while getting back into the dating game then you are not alone. Before venturing back into the dating scene, the first thing to do is define exactly what you want in your Romeo. Then, go over that list and decipher which attributes are “must haves” and which ones are “nice to haves”. For example, it may be nice to have a man that is funny, but is that essential for your love?

Define your soul mate in terms of Personality, Social skills, Relational style and Spiritual characteristics.

What about physical characteristics? You need to be attracted to your partner, but perhaps, looks are less important than other qualities. If your list of “must haves” is inordinately long, you may have too many criteria. If you don’t have any, then you better set some standards! You also have to be clear on traits you will not tolerate and set the tone right from the beginning of the relationship or at the first signal of that trait.

If you are clear on your “must haves”, you will know if the man is for you. If you like the man you are dating but he does not have all your “must haves”, then appreciate all his good qualities and ask for your “must haves”. If he won’t give you your “must haves” or shows intolerable traits then move on. Things will not change and it only gets more difficult to part in later stages of the relationship. Your time is valuable and you have no more time to waste. There are plenty of fish on the sea that are waiting to make you happy!

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