Celebrate The Senses: 5 Ways to Pamper Your Being

Celebrate The Senses: 5 Ways to Pamper Your Being : August / September 2007 (Fall Issue)

Have you gone out for dinner, only to reject a singular bite of a delectable dessert? Have you turned down a friend’s invitation for a “girl’s night out” because you thought you should spend the evening doing something more efficient, like re-organizing your underwear drawer?

Why are women so quick to deny themselves pleasure? Why are we programmed to think that that we are selfish for simply permitting ourselves enjoyment? Why, indeed, do we think that every person around us deserves to be pampered, but we should not and cannot.

What would happen if we allowed ourselves to take pleasure in our life?

Perhaps we can allow ourselves to celebrate the senses that we are blessed to possess: the blessings of sight, sound, taste, smell and touch.

Try the following 5 suggestions for adding a little self-indulgent decadence into your own life, morning, afternoon and night!

1. After your shower, slather on some moisturizing cream and spritz on a favorite fragrance. Your skin will feel good, and the perfume will make you feel sexy! Be prepared for a compliment!

2. Take some time to prepare your lunch or dinner. Add some pungent spice for smell. Garnish with different color vegetables to make your meal visually appealing. Savor the taste!

3. Open a bottle of wine and enjoy a glass with your slow-cooked dinner.

4. On your way to work, choose music which is uplifting to your soul and spirit, whether it be a jazz, or rap or something in-between. You can buy your music at the store, or borrow a tape or CD from your local library.

5. When you’re getting ready for bed, be choosy with your bed linens. Choose sheets with a high thread-count that feel good against your bare skin.

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