How to Choose a Lawyer

This may be one of the most important decisions you will make at this time. We are often asked this question – “How do I choose the best lawyer for me?”

Basically, you can only go on reputation, referral, and trust.

This is what we suggest:

Talk to the lawyer. Make sure that you feel comfortable with that person. Make sure that you feel heard. While a lawyer may not always agree with what you say, nor you agree with what the lawyer says, a lawyer should not act without your instructions, and you should be able to work with your lawyer to come to some mutual understanding and agreement of how you should proceed.

Ask about that lawyer. Ask other lawyers about the lawyer you are considering, ask your family physician or counselors, ask friends who have been involved in similar situations or who know lawyers who practice in the field of Family Law.

Ultimately, all you can assess is whether you feel that you have a good working relationship with your lawyer. Whether you feel that the lines of communication are open … and working. And whether you feel understood … and represented.

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